East Bridgewater Community Television is a non-profit corporation set up to oversee public & educational access TV programming In East Bridgewater. EBCTV receives a small yearly grant from Comcast Cable Company and must rely on donations from local residents and businesses to fund its operation.


Community access television is television for the community and by the community. EBCTV, Inc. will provide: training and technical assistance in the uses of cable TV production and equipment; access to production resources; and time on EBCTV, Inc.’s Public (9) and Educational (98) access channels. These resources are available for the production and presentation of non-commercial programming for the East Bridgewater community. East Bridgewater Community Television is governed by the Board of Directors.


Residents of East Bridgewater as well as organizations affiliated within the town are welcome and encouraged to use EBCTV, Inc. resources. Residents may request airtime for the presentation of a pre-recorded non-commercial television program. Non-Residents may request EBCTV Resident/Producers sponsor their non-commercial programming be telecast on EBCTV. Residents wishing to communicate with subscribers on the electronic community bulletin board (CBB) for non-commercial, non-political purposes is welcome to submit their message on a Community Bulletin Board Request Form to the Local Access Director. In addition, EBCTV, Inc. will cablecast Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.’s) between programs.