TV for Family: Even Superheroes Use the Toilet

Superheroes and humor, TV gold and it can really help your family. It comically helps explain to kids that even their super heroes who are parents also use the potty. When training kids on how to use potty its best to make them feel comfortable and learn it as a normal activity. It’s a milestone and transition that they should relate to. Sometimes when we are kids, we tend to think that all grownups don’t help themselves and it’s uncomfortable to get used to it.

There is just something about urinating and defecation that makes people giggle and shy. It often happens because it’s an activity we all take part in. Sometimes the best way to get along with it is make fun and laugh about it as grownups so it will be easier to relate to children too.

One guy was in love with a girl and he went to ask the dad to let him marry his daughter. The dad told the man that with the money he has he is not capable. The man responded by saying that it does not worry him because he is not going to marry a girl full of problems.

One boy asked his teacher to allow him to go to the toilet. The teacher asked him to say the alphabets in order. The boy said but left the letter ‘p’. His teacher asked where is the ‘p’ the boy said it is halfway down his leg.

Someone asked how they call a nation where everyone is pissed and they responded urination. This is funny and many kids wouldn’t understand a bit. There was this guy who was so pressed on a plane and had to use the bathroom. The men’s was full. On seeing that the ladies were empty he decided to go. He met a lady at the entrance and asked if he could.

The lady responded that he could but should avoid pressing any buttons. The guy went ahead and helped himself. When he was done, he saw three button s and decided to push them ignoring the warning. He pressed the first blue button and water splashed on his butthole with pressure. He pressed the second one which was red and he felt so good. He thought to himself why there aren’t any buttons like those in the men. He went on to press the third button which had the initials ATR and next thing he found himself in a hospital. He asked why he was in the hospital and the attendant responded that it is because he had pressed the ATR button laughing loudly. He asked why she laughed so hard and what it meant. The attendant responded that it meant automatic tampon remover.

There was musical toilet which sang if you sit on it and three friends decided to try it. The first entered and came out and said it sang amazing grace. The second one went and came out and said it sang spangled banner the third one entered and came out. His friends asked “what did it sing for you?’ and one of friends who was out said in humor “do you see what I see?”

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