Bulletin Board Announcement Request

Training is NOW available for our automated Community Bulletin Board System!  IT'S FREE to any East Bridgewater Resident, Non Profit Organization or Business!  We can set up a FREEE ACCOUNT just for YOU to USE!   Contact Russ or Anne at EBCTV to make an appointment!  Call 508-378-4298!  You will be able to upload your Announcememnt DIRECTLY to the CBB and in a matter of minutes the ENTIRE COMMUNITY will see your announcement!  If you know how to email then you CAN USE this easy system!   :-)

If your announcement is an emergency then in the in the interim, please submit CBB Notices by sending them to us via email.


Be sure to include in your notice: Who, What, Where, When, & Why for the event. Also list when you want your CBB Notice to start and when you want your notice to stop. Please note that CBB Notices may run a Maximum of 30 days before they need to be renewed.  We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to working with you in the future!  BELOW, you will see our current Public Access Community Bulletin Board as it appears on Channel 9.  Plans are underway to add the Educational Channel Bulletin Board to the EBPS Website and the Government Access Channel Bulletin Board to the Town Website.  Now even those residents who do not have cable TV keep keep up to date with town events.


Russ Hannagan,

EBCTV Executive Director